The bizarre area: Exciting borderline experiences of eroticism

If you are missing the kick in eroticism: Be brave and try something new! An experienced Bizarrlady can introduce you to another side of sexuality. This does not mean “senseless violence” or “psychological finishing”, but a possible enrichment of your sexual horizon in a subordinate role. The maxim is: safe, healthy, hygienic and in agreement with each other. So-called “safe words”, i.e. signal words that ask the mistress to stop a certain practice, are a matter of course.
Sado-Maso (also SM) means arousal generated by pain, submissiveness, humiliation and power. The repertoire of our dark force of nature Zora is broken down in the following overview.

Dom and Sub: In an SM relationship, there is a master/mistress (from dominant=dom) who can punish and a submissive or subversive person (=sub) who carries out the orders of the other.

Role-playing or change-playing: refer to re-enacting fantasies and stimuli as closely as possible. Examples may include animal-inspired scenarios, doctor and interrogation games, or kidnapping. However, the boundaries here are very open and are based on your imagination.

Clinic: In this subsection of role-playing games, you are the patient. You will be examined, you will be at the mercy of your doctor, you will be tortured with catheters and needles…

Baby education: is a sub-form of role-playing. The submissive actor of the role play is here limited to his basic physical functions and helpless like a baby. Diapers, giving breast and the feeling of being taken care of all around characterize this bizarre type of play.

Bondage: means the tying up of the submissive partner by the dominant. Gags, straitjackets, handcuffs or mummification with various materials like packing tape or bandages can serve this purpose.

Flagellation: is also called “whipping.” The dominant partner skillfully applies blows with various instruments such as whips or straps to sensitive areas, sometimes hard, sometimes softer, and at varying intervals.

Lick slave training: Here the submissive partner is trained for oral satisfaction according to the wishes of the mistress/master.

NS: Abbreviation for “golden shower”. This can be performed actively or passively and is the paraphrase for mutual “peeing on” desired body parts and openings.

Breath reduction: This refers to a control of the breath by the dominant partner. For a short time, the air supply is obstructed, e.g. by air squeezing, choking or strangulation approaches. This releases adrenaline in the body of the submissive partner, which can be very stimulating.

TV-education: has nothing to do with the “supernanny”, as might be obvious, but stands for “forced feminization”, that is the education to a transvestite, gladly also to a transvestite maid or whore with the appropriate accessories.

Strap-on: The strap-on, a device with a dildo on a waist belt, enables women to physically act like men…with exciting results.