Callgirls from Berlin for him

– the myth comes true: long legs on red high heels, emphasized by black nylon suspenders with a single thin strip on the back. A short chiffon dress flatters a round, firm bottom that blends into a narrow waist. A full bust is exposed through an open neckline just for you. A glittering necklace disappears into the frivolous cleft of the bustline. The collarbone, like the shoulder blades, wrists and ankles, looks delicate and fragile. The skin, so soft, so velvety and smooth, sparks with electricity when it touches yours. The hairs on your arms stand up, goose bumps form. You notice the cheeky, shiny strand of hair that keeps falling into her picture-perfect face and suppress the impulse to tuck it tenderly behind her round, shapely ear. Her neck is so narrow, you would like to stroke along it. When she crosses her legs, you can hardly control yourself…An ecstatic desire overcomes you, your brain stops. You want to possess this perfect body, the big eyes of the finely drawn face shall look at you admiringly from below, while you dominate, transforming all your excess energy, the frustration of the last weeks into lust, forgetting everything that ever worried you. The long drawn out moans confirm to you how good what you are doing here is, what kind of guy you are. Harder, wilder. No “no”, no taboo, no questions, no demands on you. You dissolve in a sea of satisfaction….