A roaring night with an escort lady

Peter was in a bad mood. He was invited to a party the next day and had broken up with his new flame shortly beforehand because she was bitching. Now he had to listen to himself again at the annual student meeting: “Oh, the fifth year in a row without company! You’re not going to stay alone, old bachelor, huh?”. He was so tired of it. The right one just hadn’t been there until now, plus he preferred to focus on his career at the moment. But these stupid sayings. Then an idea came to him. He would hire a beauty to spend the evening by his side. She should be able to dance well and make a quite intelligent impression and in any case should be sexy to show it to the older, fat women of the others and to make the mouths of the study friends melt…Oja, that would be something. He quickly typed in the web address that a colleague had recommended to him the other day. It was the first time he booked a call girl. Almost feverishly, he clicked through the large selection of pretty young girls. He got stuck on a blonde escort, very slim and yet with the curves in the right places. She was German, that was important for the evening, and her hobbies were dancing and music, very good. Quickly he reserved Laura.
When she showed up at his front door the next evening as arranged, Peter knew he had made the right decision. The escort lady made a bright, clean and seductive impression and could tell entertaining things. She looked simply stunning in the black cocktail dress with the large back neckline, patterned black nylons and wicked pumps – exactly what he wanted. He drove her to the party location in his BMW and already noticed her really attractive perfume in the car. Whew, he was really hot now. Hard to keep up this evening. She seemed to sense his nervousness and kissed him promisingly before they entered the club.

It was as if time had stopped. All eyes were on him and Laura. Peter was celebrating an inner party congress. Now they could stick their remarks anywhere else…Peter, who was rather known as shy, probably would not have believed such a hot conquest. He suppressed the thought that the call girl was probably only there for the payment and tried to relax. After he introduced her to everyone, the pretty blonde moved onto the dance floor. “You know,” she whispered, “you really are a catch. Manners you have and you can dance too”. Peter got a red head and pulled her to him. She let herself be led wonderfully and knew almost all the refinements of dancing. And that heavenly scent…Suddenly all his doubts disappeared and he just felt alive like never before. “Well you lovebirds, how did you meet each other?” asked his old bench neighbor Sepp. While Peter was about to start babbling something embarrassed to himself, the escort surprised him with a coherent, convincing story. He didn’t need to do more than nod off. Intuitively, she took Peter in her arms. “You just saved my evening,” he gasped. “I’m glad to do it,” she replied in a strained voice. Was he imagining it or was she moved? He certainly didn’t expect that from a professional call girl. As the evening progressed, he was more and more amazed by the sporty, elegant escort, who definitely outshone all the women present in the room, who treated themselves to one plate after the next from the buffet. Already two fellow students had secretly tapped him on the shoulder and congratulated him on this dream woman. If they knew…
Time flew by and the party was coming to an end. Peter was feeling a little woozy when he asked Laura if she could stay with him for the night. “No problem,” said the delightful escort. They took a cab to his place and Peter was sure they couldn’t top the previous hours, that there must be a catch somewhere. But he was very much mistaken!

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